Jan Wheaton – All That's Jazz
By Vesna Vuynovich Kovach for ANEW
October, 2005
Jan Wheaton is a prominent jazz song stylist who is quick to describe herself as "very reserved." She is nothing short of a diva, in the truest and best sense of the word. Modest and retiring offstage, no lesser label would be sufficient for her combination of beguiling onstage charisma, vocal talent, inventive approach and musical mastery. [More]

The Humble Grace and
Artistry of Jan Wheaton

By Tim Thompson for Rick's Cafe
February, 2006
There is something supremely pure about Jan Wheaton’s voice. It somehow manages to be strong and deep while sounding lovely and lilting. Her technique is impeccable, flowing between scat and liquid lines with finesse and grace. Her song selection reflects a love of beautiful music and an appreciation of the creative energy of only the best songwriters and lyricists. She is a unique talent who has been adding her gorgeous voice to this town’s collective chorus for over four decades. [More]

She's All About Style:
Jan Wheaton is Madison's first lady of jazz

By Neil Bartlett for 50 Plus Lifestyles
March, 2007
With her strong, beautiful voice, abundant talent and commitment to her music, you might call Jan Wheaton Madison's firsts lady of jazz. She's been performing locally since arriving here in 1964. The Kansas-born songstress sings both in public and for private gigs. [More]

All That Jazz
By Katie Vaughn for Madison Magazine
February, 2009
She might be bathed in a spotlight onstage or crooning softly in a dimly lit restaurant. Wherever jazz is revered in Madison, you'll find Jan Wheaton. [More]

The Weekly Gig: Why Madison keeps coming back for more
By Kenneth Burns for Isthmus
January 27, 2006
Stay out late on Friday evenings so you can enjoy the lobby's most elegant touch: the quiet jazz music of vocalist Jan Wheaton and pianist Matan Rubinstein. One of the city's most gifted interpreters of songs, Wheaton performs sprightly, unpredictable versions of standards. [More]

CD Review: Expressions of Love
By Judy Brady for Rick's Cafe
February, 2006
Jan Wheaton assembled a sweeping set of songs, great songs representing her love for jazz and the impulse driving her interpretation of them. The fifteen tracks performed on her new recording, Expressions of Love, form a much-needed history lesson on the "classics" from the jazz-singer/jazz-duo catalog. [More]

CD Review: Expressions of Love
November 25, 2005
Longtime local jazz singer Jan Wheaton has found a creative and playful foil in pianist Matan Rubinstein. Whether he's providing a rich gospel flavor to "Always on My Mind" or Bill Evans-style introspection on "That's All, " Rubinstein always strikes the right balance between being a supporting player and a co-conversationalist. [More]

Jazz at Five shows it's a
great sell at Hilldale event

The Capital Times
December 20, 2007
Jazz at Five demonstrated in new ways why it's a concept to warm the heart of a business person, with its first-ever winter event, Jingle Bell Jazz, last Wednesday, smack dab in the middle of Madison's most stylish shopping center. People packed the seats in Hilldale for Jan Wheaton and her trio. [More]

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